Payment in 4 instalments: everything you need to know

Simplified payment in 4 instalments for your customers

Let's imagine that you could allow your customers to spread the payment of their order, without any risk for their cash flow. With Pledg, it's possible! Expert in payment facilities since 2016, accompanies the development of your business thanks to the payment in 4 times.

Whether you are an e-commerce site, a marketplace, or a financial institution, our payment facilities offer adapts to your activity, whatever it is. In order to help you attract more customers, we offer you the 4 times payment, a payment method widely appreciated by consumers. Convenient, innovative, and fully customizable, our split payment solution adapts to your customers' habits and your sales processes. All this for a smooth and simplified payment experience at all levels.

Payment in 4 instalments: definition and operation

The payment in 4 times is a payment facility that allows your customers tospread the payment of their purchases over time. Offered in addition to the usual means of payment (credit card, electronic wallet, etc.) in many online stores, this system consists in facilitating the payment of a basket by dividing the amount to be paid in 4 installments. The first monthly payment is usually made on the day the order is validated, then the other payments are spread over a defined period, generally 90 days with a payment every 30 days. This service is available to anyone with a Visa or Mastercard, from which Pledg takes the monthly payments.

Advantages of paying in 4 instalments

Far from attracting only the most modest households, fractional payments are now appealing to many consumers and offer many advantages. In 2021, more than a third of French people will use this payment method, according to Statista.

Benefits for merchants

Payment in 4 instalments is a real opportunity to quickly gain market share. By offering payment in 4 instalments, not only will you make it easier for your customers to access your products or services, but you will also generally observe:

An increase in the average basket: split payment allows your customers to make expenditures that they might not have been able to afford under normal circumstances.
An increase of customer loyalty: as your brand image is enhanced, payment in 4 instalments helps you to increase your conversion rate and improve your sales significantly.
A customer base enrichment: thanks to the payment in 4 instalments without fees, you attract a wider clientele and also reach households who wish to smooth their expenses over time, individuals who want to optimize their budget, or who wish to access premium goods that are difficult to afford in normal times.

Benefits for customers

On the customer side, offering payment in 4 instalments contributes in many ways to improving their purchasing experience.
And for good reason, this tool allows:

To have a simplified financing offer without having to resort to traditional credit organizations: a quick and ergonomic payment device in several instalments allows you to optimize the purchasing process of your customers.
Facilitate your customers' purchasing decision: as a consumer, the ergonomics of the payment facility made available plays a decisive role in the purchasing process; even better if the solution offered is free of charge for customers.
Smooth out spending without impacting the household (consumer) budget: in the current inflationary context, payment in 4 instalments without charge represents a significant opportunity for many households who wish to continue to indulge themselves while maintaining a certain level of purchasing power.

Payment in 4 instalments, with or without fees?

Payment in 4 instalments allows your customers to afford a trip or invest in expensive furniture without having to pay the full amount at once. This is the ultimate selling point, because the customer pays at his own pace without worrying about having the total funds needed at the time of purchase. As for you, the merchant, you receive the full amount from Pledg as if your customer had paid cash.

With this method of payment, the solvency of the buyer is checked immediately on the day of the purchase and does not require a detailed file with supporting documents. This way, the payment is confirmed instantly and the customer experience is smooth and transparent. On the other hand, Pledg assumes the cost of unpaid invoices and allows you to manage refunds without changing your processes.

Payment solution in 4 instalments by credit card: why should you choose Pledg?

The innovative solution of payment in 4 instalments on your e-commerce site is an excellent way to reach a new type of target and generate significant turnover. Our 4 instalments payment system ensures you in particular:

A complete tool customization service: Pledg offers you a fully modular payment solution, which adapts to your technical environment, to your graphic charter, to your market and your sales process.
Customer fees choice: with Pledg, you decide if you want to offer payment in 4 instalments with or without fees for your customers. Note that the payment in 4 instalments without fees is often much more attractive, but you will then have to pay the fees yourself.
Taking over the entire risk in case of non-payment: Pledg guarantees the payment of the monthly instalments and thus avoids you having to bear the risk of non-payment.
Simple integration: the Pledg solution requires no additional technical or organizational integration efforts.
Successful marketing use: learn more about payment data with the tracking dashboard provided by Pledg.
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