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Are you a leisure center, a sports club, an amusement park, or a sports federation? We reinvent the customer experience.
Allow your spectators and subscribers to have simplified access to booking their sporting or leisure events wherever they are and whatever their mobile device. We align with your customers' online shopping preferences. 
With the Pledg solution, you have a variety of integration options. You can choose between our APIs, our CMS modules, or adding javascript code to your payment page.

By improving the accessibility of your offer, you can reach all types of public: alone, as a couple, with family or friends.
Combine performance and unforgettable experiences.
Graph Graph Increase
Make additional sales
By increasing your customer's buying power, you optimize their average shopping cart, creating additional revenue for your business.
Encourage ticket sales
Take advantage of a user-friendly payment interface, developed to make your online booking easier and faster.
Build audience loyalty
Our payment facilities are designed to generate revenue. It's a powerful lever that helps increase customer satisfaction and even loyalty.
Reduce checkout lines
With the help of tablets, your on-site staff can cash in customers directly by credit card, via a payment link. You can therefore limit the waiting time at the cash registers.
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Our custom-made solutions for leisure and sport actors

Payment in 3x, 4x

Whether your customer needs to have the item in hand before making an informed payment, or to spread an expense over time to balance current expenses and business, we have the financing that will unlock your sales.

Delayed 15 days

Your customers place their order or validate their membership to your service and are charged 15 days later. You provide flexibility at the time of purchase and reduce hesitation.

Thanks to our solutions tailored to the sports and leisure industry

of turnover
increase in the average basket
of subscriber satisfaction
what we will invent with you

Do you want payment facilities that are specifically designed to meet your challenges? We create solutions specifically tailored to your business.

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