Everything you need to know about paying in 2 instalments online

Pledg, the simplified 2 instalments payment for your customers

According to a study carried out in 2021, 31% of French people have made at least one payment in several instalments over the last 12 months. 76% of them even declare that they are ready to make their purchases at another retailer if the solution is not offered to them... This raises questions about this method of financing and the potential gain in customers that its implementation could generate. What is the 2 installments payment? What are the advantages of letting your customers pay the full amount later, via a defined schedule? Find out everything you need to know about this new payment facility.

How does instalment payment work ?

More and more popular on e-commerce sites and other online organizations, the payment in 2 times allows you to facilitate the access to your customers to certain products or services that they would have difficulty or would hesitate to finance in one go. In concrete terms, this solution consists of the consumer paying a deposit on the day of purchase, then paying the second and final instalment a few weeks or even months later. By spreading the payment of the amount due over a simple schedule, this type of payment in instalments is an ideal solution for people with limited cash or simply for households wishing to smooth the impact of their expenses over time.

Advantages of paying in 2 instalments

Very popular in recent years, paying in 2 installments is an excellent alternative in many situations. Take for example those who wish to make purchases while ensuring a certain level of cash flow, but who do not want to drag out a payment over many monthly installments or take out a loan from a credit institution. This payment method can also be interesting for people who want to make other purchases close together in time or who anticipate reasonable future expenses.

For merchants, paying in two instalments is also an opportunity to attract customers who want to treat themselves to premium products. This is why one of the direct consequences of the implementation of this payment facility at merchants is the increase in the average basket of their customers.

Like the payment in 3, 4, 6 or 12 times, the payment in 2 times allows you to promote an innovative brand image while enhancing your products and services offer. Whatever your activity, this payment method adapts to your processes as well as to your image, while allowing the customer to have access to a very popular payment method.

Pledg, a payment solution that adapts to the sales process of merchants

As an expert in payment facilities for merchants and companies, Pledg helps you set up payment in two instalments thanks to a turnkey payment solution that is entirely flexible. In order to adapt perfectly to your market and your commercial stakes, Pledg is able to create in addition to the payment in 2 times a diversity of split or deferred payment.

Even in case of unpaid customers, Pledg guarantees 100% of the amount of the basket without any impact on your cash flow. Finally, our interface allows you to follow the evolution of payments and to analyze the customer conversion in order to draw the best lessons for your business.
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