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Whether you are an airline, a travel agency or a hotel booking platform, we design solutions for you.
Pledg helps you create payment facilities tailored to each business and market, while optimizing the payment experience for travelers and tourists.
With a 100% digital solution, you can offer payment facilities on your entire catalog and on all your distribution channels: call center, direct sales in agencies and on your e-commerce site.
Millions of transactions in the travel and transportation industry make our scoring algorithm one of the most robust on the market. As a result, we can guarantee you very positive acceptance and conversion rates regardless of your business.
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Your customers' payment can wait, not the vacations.
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Increase your business opportunities
You can create new levers of commercial animation and hook your visitors as soon as they arrive on your site.
Differentiate yourself in this market
Personalizing your customer journey is essential to differentiate yourself. Pledg offers you endless possibilities to enhance your brand image.
Attract more customers
By accepting payment methods adapted to your customer's usage, you convert and retain your target.
Eliminate frustration points
You benefit from an integrated, multi-channel solution. By focusing on the quality of your online booking process, you avoid shopping cart abandonment.
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Our solutions are tailored to the travel and mobility industry

Capture On Debit

Capture On Debit offers your customers the possibility to pay in instalments while having control over when they pay their first instalment. This way, you can check the availability of a stay before charging your customers.

Connect ANCV vacation vouchers

Your customers will be able to use their Connect ANCV vacation vouchers with payment in several instalments to access tourist services.

Thanks to our flexible facilities solution,
our merchants boost their business

of turnover
increase in the average basket
what we will invent with you

Do you want payment facilities that are specifically designed to meet your challenges? We create solutions specifically tailored to your business.

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