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According to a study conducted by OpinionWay, more than a third of French people will have used deferred payment at least once in 2021. This raises questions about this innovative solution that is attracting more and more consumers. How does deferred payment work? What is its interest for merchant sites? Pledg explains it all to you.

Deferred payment: how does it work?

The deferred payment or BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) is a solution that allows your customers to make a purchase on the Internet and pay it later, in one or several times. Practical and innovative, this payment facility attracts more and more consumers who do not want to carry a deferred debit card for their transactions.

Thanks to the online deferred payment, your customers can indeed pay their order on your site after receiving their purchase without having to take out any credit with a bank.

The deferred payment option is displayed on the merchant's payment page like any other payment solution. The consumer can find all the information concerning the amount and the schedule of the monthly payments to be made.

The consumer is also made aware of the risks associated with this method of financing even before committing to it. Consumers are also subject to a solvency check, so the risk of indebtedness or bank overdraft is strongly limited.

Very popular since the Covid-19 crisis, the Pay Later feature can be integrated to your e-commerce site as an additional payment method. When it is offered free of charge, the cost of the service is financed by the merchant who must then pay a service fee to the service provider who supplies the tool, notably for the integration, support and maintenance of the payment solution. In return, the latter undertakes to take responsibility for any unpaid invoices.

What are the advantages of deferred payment for your website?

In addition to its many advantages for buyers, the BNPL is a particularly attractive solution for merchants. As a seller, deferred payment allows you toincrease your conversion rate as well as your average basket.

Thanks to this innovative solution, your customers can indeed make purchases in anticipation of their cash inflow, which allows them to enjoy themselves until the end of the month while managing their budget serenely. By increasing customer loyalty, this solution also often allows you toincrease your revenues andimprove your brand image.

Buy Now Pay Later: why choose Pledg?

At Pledg, our Pay Later solution allows you to postpone the payment of a purchase until 15, 30 or 45 days after the order.

Another advantage is that our integrated white label payment module works both online and in-store. It is also compatible with call centers for remote purchases.

With our instant acceptance feature, you can offer your customers a seamless end-to-end shopping experience (they don't have to deal with account creation or paperwork).

Our agile solution also allows us to adapt to both your client's technical environment and their brand environment, with complete UX consistency.

Compatible with the main CMS (Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Sylius, OroCommerce), our Pay Later solution meets the challenges of merchants on both B2C and B2B.
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