Payment in 3 instalments: to facilitate the payment of orders

Simplified payment in 3 instalments for your customers

The customer can always have a little hesitation when finalizing his online purchases. The best way to reassure them is to offer them a payment facility. One of the most popular financing formulas is the 3x payment (with or without fees).

How does 3x payment work in practice?

The clarity of the financing offer with Pledg is a key point. The customer needs to know exactly how much, how and when the installments will be taken from them. For the 3x payment it's simple:

● The first installment, corresponding to a third of the basket amount, takes place immediately by Credit Card, at the time of order taking;
● The second monthly installment takes place 30 days later, still for a third of the basket;
● The third and last monthly installment takes place 60 days later for an amount matching the basket balance.

On your side, you will receive payment for the entire shopping cart minus the commissions agreed upon in the contract with Pledg.

In the case of payment in 3 monthly installments without fees, the customer does not pay any interest. You, as the merchant, pay the cost of the service. An investment that will quickly pay for itself by increasing your conversion rate.

What are the conditions  for implementing instalment payment on an e-commerce site?

The first condition is administrative. As the payment industry is strictly regulated, the merchant must provide Pledg with a certain number of supporting documents (Kbis extract and bank details of the company, ID of the manager for example) which allow to verify his status. Once the registration stage has been validated and the contract signed, the merchant can start integrating the solution. He can then count on the support of the Pledg assistance team.

The second condition is technical. You need to set up the device that offers the payment facility in the customer journey, depending on your context. Pledg offers your development team a number of options for this: JavaScript plug-in, redirection, integration module in the most popular CMS or link generation. This type of implementation can be done without any great technical effort and easily complements the offerings of classic payment service providers with innovative payment methods.

Immediate and decisive advantages for the success of your business

The first advantage of the 3 instalments payment is commercial. By reducing cart abandonment, you will mathematically increase your sales. The provision of a financing service is also something that can positively impact your brand image. Such customer journeys also tend to improve purchase amounts and build loyalty.

The second benefit is financial. You get instant payment for purchases and you don't have to worry about unpaid bills, these are managed by Pledg.

The third advantage is technical. The implementation with Pledg is simple and fast. You save time in getting your payment facilities to the market.

The secret of the payment in 3 instalments without expenses by credit card

The 3x payment without fees is a win-win operation. For the consumer, there is an obvious gain in purchasing power. Moreover, the implementation of the payment in 3 times without fees by bank card is much simpler and much less expensive than obtaining a credit or a loan.

On the merchant's side, the total cost of the service incurred by the merchant is repaid by the gains obtained through increased sales. The benefit can be particularly significant in consumer durables such as household appliances.

In conclusion, with inflation restricting consumers' financial capacities, giving back some leeway can be a valuable contribution. So make the choice to offer 3x payment without fees to your customers with Pledg.
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