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Do you want to highlight Pledg's news to your media, your network of journalists or your customers? We offer a set of resources (logos, photos and guidelines) to help you use our brand. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Pledg brand, please contact us at

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Nicolas Pelletier

CEO and co-founder

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More than an identification symbol, it represents both the payment (wallet) and the P of the Pledg brand.

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Pledg logo leading to a logo drive

Brand book

This document brings together all the information and features related to the Pledg brand identity. You'll find our mission, values, logo and graphic guidelines, which will help you easily immerse yourself in our brand environment.

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Pledg brandbook

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All the information about our new products, our partnerships or our future events can be found in our press releases and articles.

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Jacques-Olivier Schatz on the set of B Smart

In this video, Jacques Olivier Schatz explains the interest for B2B and B2C merchants to offer payment facilities in this period of inflation.

New visual identity of Pledg

Pledg strengthens its strategic positioning with a new brand identity.