Accelerate your business and preserve your customer data.

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The evidence that it works

+ finalized purchases

and an increase in the average basket.

No monetization

of your personal data.

0 change

in your e-commerce platforms.

No accounting reconciliation

to do.

We put your business and your customers at the center


With the right payment facilities and a seamless shopping experience, your customers complete their orders and you have fewer abandonments. Our business is to accelerate your business.


Your customers' personal data is used for payment only. We do not resell them: our business is also to protect your business.

It works, for sure!

1 - It is easy to integrate.

to your CMS and payment providers, whatever they are: Magento, HiPay, Stripe, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Sylius and many others.

2 - We pay you immediately.

Your customers can pay their monthly instalments at their own pace by CB, Bancontact, SoFort, or Ideal, you get paid immediately and keep control of your financial flows.

3 - You manage your BNPL activity directly on your dashboard.

Our dashboard allows you to track transaction history, collections, and conversion statistics in your sales tunnels.

4 - Your teams perform, our teams ensure.

No accounting reconciliation or monthly payment management for your teams. They focus on customer relations and business development.

And you can count on our dedicated, ongoing support.

With you on all your channels

On line

The payment facility is offered on the payment page of the ecommerce site or mobile application.

By phone

A payment link is sent to the customer.

In store

A payment link is sent to the customer from the interface or from the in-store vendor tablet.

France and overseas departments and territories

The step-by-step before facilitate

We exchange

Let's talk about your business and its specificities related to payment.

We adapt

Let's explore together the most suitable payment facilities that will really accelerate your business.

We are OK

Let's make sure everything is integrated and ready to go: facilities, payment paths and settings.

And go!

Track in real time the business increment generated by Pledg.

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Any questions?

Can I deploy multiple payment facilities on my e-commerce site?
Which payment methods are compatible with the Pledg solution?
In which countries is the Pledg solution available?
Are there any fees for my clients?