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Facilitating payment is our business. Our daily ambition is to make sure that it accelerates your sales, allows your customers to pay at their own pace and eases the accounting process for your teams.

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Make it easy from the start

Pledg started in 2016 with the desire to facilitate group purchases between friends. The desire to facilitate payment in a responsible way is there, and the project raises 1.2 million euros. Enabling people to buy goods by paying at their own pace, and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth by facilitating payment becomes the challenge of Pledg.

The course is set, the team is committed to it, and to shared payment are added several deferred, instalment and customized payment facilities, all adapted to each merchant's business.

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For the record

Why Pledg? Because we love the film The Pledge directed by Sean Penn. And because we're committed to everything we do.

[plɛdʒ] - Pledge, promise, commitment, vow.

Since 29/02/2024, Pledg has been a 100% subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Consumer FInance (CA CF)

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Our values

They carry us and we carry them every day.


We like to make it simple for you and your customers. That's why we make sure that our payment solution is easy to understand and easy to use for everyone.



Responding to the specific needs of each entrepreneur in terms of payment facilities is our major challenge. That's why our solution adapts precisely to your context to bring satisfaction at all levels.

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As entrepreneurs, we know that it is important to feel well surrounded to move forward. Helping your brand to make payment really easy, and thus strengthen the exclusive relationship you have with your customers, is our job at your side.

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Commitment means making decisions, ensuring their proper implementation and respecting them. Our commitment to you is to serve your business needs while protecting your customers' data. Their data is not our business.


Our work culture

At Pledg, we think short and long term. We believe in everyone's potential to do their best when the work makes sense and everyone is involved. For us, a company is only as good and successful as the people who make it.

Our team

Experts in electronic banking, developers, controllers, product managers, sales/AM, specialists in marketing, customer service and responsible finance, our team is at your side.

Nicolas Pelletier
CEO and co-founder
Robin Devals
Sarah Regnault
Product Manager
François de Laitre
Julien Marichez
Adrien Bonhomme
Emeline Lecomte
Customer Success Manager
Eric Lefranc
Head of Integration Team

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