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Get your own payment facility solution.

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Be the operator of the Pledg solution

A quick integration

In just a few weeks, you can operate the solution independently

A total autonomy

You onboard your merchants and configure the solution yourself 

A tailor-made accompaniment

Your teams are trained and supported to ensure a smooth handover

An evolving technology

Pledg ensures the maintenance and the evolutions that you wish to implement to meet the needs of your merchants

You strengthen your value proposition

You enrich your service offer 

You are able to offer your merchant network a service that has become essential. Our business is to develop your business.

You decide on the roll-out strategy

Choice of merchants to integrate, definition of the business plan, identification of new functionalities to be deployed. Our business is also to make you autonomous in the solution management.

Create payment facilities
dedicated to your customers

Payment on the 5th of the following month
Payment on delivery
Shared payment
Multi-period payment
Payment before or after departure day
Instalment payment with different instalment amounts

Do you want to become a BNPL service operator and issue your own payment facilities?

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