Ensure your growth without putting your customers at risk

We provide you with the best tools

KYC/KYB process

that is deployed

to prevent paperwork. Your customers' identity and integrity are instantly verified through our fully digital, white-label user journey.

Credit scoring

based on machine learning

which analyzes the available dynamic data and automatically blocks high-risk transactions.

70+ anti-fraud rules

that integrate

business filters and a scoring algorithm which, when parameterized and combined, make it possible to carry out analyses according to activity, clientele, geographical area, etc.

We preserve your safety and that of your customers

To keep up with the evolution of your business, but also to face the ever-increasing risk of online fraud and customer insolvency, our algorithms are constantly adapting. The protection of your business and your customers is our priority.

It works,  for sure!

The assurance of being paid immediately.

You receive 100% of the payment at the time of order. Your cash flow is fully under control.

A customized

We study with you the best filtering and scoring rules to implement. The objective is to find the optimal balance between turnover volume and risk taking.

Transparent communication.

Because we are concerned about protecting the interests of your clients, we carefully study their financing requests and provide them with clear information: duration of the loan, amount of monthly payments, etc.

what we will invent with you
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