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You are a tourist residence, the manager of a hotel group, a specialist in camping rentals? We boost your reservations.
Pledg helps you to offer a price offer adapted to the expectations of your guests, and consequently to improve the rate of frequentation of your establishment.
By providing various international payment methods, you can make it easier to book on your online site and reach a maximum number of customers: families, foreign tourists, business travelers, couples or youth groups.
Our solution is perfectly integrated with your booking engine and your payment tunnel. We ensure a fluid, user-friendly and secure payment path that will increase your bookings without weighing down your daily management.
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We defer the bill for your customers. Not the pleasure.
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Increase your booking rate
Split payments are a great way to encourage direct bookings and build customer loyalty, even in the off-season.
Optimize your contact channels
You won't miss any more customer reservations! With Pledg, your customers' reservations can be made through different channels: by phone, at the reception desk, by SMS or e-mail.
Promote your services
The customer experience doesn't begin with the act of purchase. By communicating more flexible booking terms upon arrival, you are more likely to convert your customer. 
Remove the friction points
A smoother customer journey contributes to a better conversion. By introducing payment facilities on your online site, you remove the last barriers to purchase.
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Our solutions designed for the hotel and tourism industry

Capture On Debit

Capture On Debit offers your customers the possibility to pay in installments while having control over the actual availability of the stays you sell them. Focus on the sale, not on the administration. The room is no longer available? Just don't charge our virtual card and we will refund the customer.

ANCV Connect vacation vouchers

Your customers will be able to use their Connect ANCV vacation vouchers with payment in several instalments to finance their stays. This combination is unprecedented on the market, and we combine it with our usual care to simplify your accounting.

Thanks to our flexible facilities solution,
our merchants boost their business

of turnover
increase in the average basket
of customer satisfaction
what we will invent with you

Do you want payment facilities that are specifically designed to meet your challenges? We create solutions specifically tailored to your business.

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