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You are in the distribution of electronic products, in fashion, or in the sale of cosmetics? It's all up to you.
Our unified solution, backed by your payment system, gives you all the analysis and statistical tools you need to process your online and in-store cash receipts.
Pledg allows you to further engage your consumers regardless of the point of interaction: you get payment methods for every taste, and the ability, with Pay By Link, to cash out in any part of the store or even make remote sales.
The payment facilities that suit you are not those of another company. We create flexible payment facilities for you, depending on your size, scope or type of business (B2C or B2B sales).
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Your payment facilities fit you like a glove.
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Get more business
Opt for a lighter financing solution that allows consumers to afford higher-end or premium spending at the time of purchase.
Make payment seamless
The entire payment process is done in a few clicks. Payment time, customer credit check and purchase validation are carried out in a fluid and secure way.
Give your customers power over their spending
Instead of buying an appliance or furniture in one go, your customers can smooth out their spending over several months. This way, they retain some purchasing power even on a tight budget. 
Stay autonomous with your accounting tools
Pledg does not interfere in your reimbursement or invoicing process with your clients. You keep control of all your accounting tools, from start to finish.
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They talk about it better than we do!

We design facilities that are perfectly suited to the specificities of retail.

Assisted sales

You can directly transform your visitor into a customer during your sales advice on the corner of your store, by cashing him via a payment link. Ideal to give yourself an innovative image but also to reduce the waiting time at the cash desk. 

Payment on delivery

Very advantageous for your customers, this payment method consists in ordering a product or a service but paying it only once the delivery is done. The customer is directly debited on his credit card the day of the delivery.

Sales via call-center

You offer multi-channel sales experiences and part of your customer base orders by phone? Our payment link solution is perfectly suited to your sales process.

Thanks to our flexible facilities solution,
our retailers boost their business

of sales at the end of the month thanks to Pay Later
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what we will invent with you

Do you want payment facilities that are specifically designed to meet your challenges? We create solutions specifically tailored to your business.

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