Use payment as a strategic marketing tool!

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Did you know that you can use payment as a strategic marketing tool? Seducing visitors and leading them naturally towards the finalization of a purchase is not easy when you know that 30% of Internet users abandon their shopping cart at the moment of payment! Setting up payment facilities on your site helps you increase your sales. Here are some explanations.

Offer payment facilities at the end of the purchase process

A multiple payment offer helps to convince your visitor during the purchase transaction. According to a study by Comarketing news on payment facilities, 73% of online shoppers use or are willing to activate an instalment payment for their shopping. With a deferred or split payment, you give your customers a breath of fresh air.

Make unexpected purchases easier

Urgent but unbudgeted expenses are a major source of stress for buyers. Your customers appreciate the ability to smooth out large expenses without upsetting their accounts. By encouraging immediate delivery while granting deferred payment, you get a head start.

Increase the average basket with deferred payment 

The diversity of payment methods influences sales volumes. Nearly 1 out of 3 visitors say they are ready to increase their shopping cart with a multi-payment solution, according to a LSA Conso study. The payment in several installments or the payment deferred to 15 or 30 days without fees is an effective marketing tool. Avoid the psychological brakes on price... and the additional sale of items becomes easier.

Enhance the customer experience with a fast and easy payment method

To stand out from the competition, work on the user experience on your online store. A smooth and clear path encourages visitors to buy more products. To spend more, 86% of Internet users say they trust the experience on the site (Temkin Experience Ratings study). The checkout stage is crucial to the sale! Simplify this phase by choosing a payment solution that is unambiguous, but above all, fast.

Focus on a natural integration of the payment method on your website

To keep the visitor's trust, the customer path must be coherent from the arrival on the website to the final validation. For this, rely on transparent payment features on your sales page. Allow an immediate payment, without intrusive data entry (FBI style...).

With our payment solutions, benefit from a quick integration in your store. Let your customers pay later, while cashing in on the order. Our formulas allow for maximum conversion (75% in the sales tunnel), a boost in turnover (+25% additional sales) and improved customer loyalty (+20%). The payment lever as a marketing tool works! It's up to you!

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