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Payment facilities perfectly adapted to the travel industry

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Payment facilities perfectly adapted to the travel industry

The desire of the French to travel is intense, so this demand for tourism services represents a strong growth potential for the professionals of the sector. Nevertheless, plane tickets, stays or cruises often represent important sums. This is why payment facilities provide solutions and allow customers to fulfill their dreams by taking action.

How are payment solutions suitable for the travel industry?

Being able to book a trip without having to pay immediately is appreciated by customers and is a powerful selling point for professionals. In addition, payment solutions facilitate impulse purchases by consumers looking for opportunities. Finally, these solutions are less restrictive than other options such as consumer credit. For all these reasons, payment solutions are particularly well suited.

What solutions to pay for your trip?

With Pledg, there are different formulas that allow to smooth the cost for the traveler. Whether in a travel agency or an online agency, if you pay by credit card, Visa or Mastercard, you can pay up to 10 times in installments. Other options are also available.

Split payment up to 10x

At the very least, payment in two instalments is common: a certain percentage of the total cost is paid as a deposit at the time of ordering, then the balance is paid a few days before the trip begins.

According to a recent study conducted by the Kantar Institute, 37% of French people have already made payments in several installments. This practice is no longer exceptional. With the acceptance of a financing offer by the traveler, the payment can even be split up to 10 times. The monthly instalments can be adjusted to a date of your choice corresponding to the date of payment of your salary.

Deferred payment

It consists of making the payment coincide with the trip. Here again, various possibilities adapted to the services ordered are offered: pay on the day of your flight, once in your hotel, or even after your stay.

Shared payment

Another practical solution for multi-person trips (in a group of friends for example), the payment can be shared by several co-payers. This avoids one person to bear the total cost of the order. The practical implementation is very simple: the co-payers receive a unique payment link to pay their part of the order.

Why do these payment facilities help the travel industry?

By limiting shopping cart abandonment, e-commerce benefits from better conversion rates that can translate into sales increases of up to 30% depending on the solutions chosen and the type of customer. The same is true for agencies, where payment facilities allow customers to place orders for higher amounts.

In addition, with the financing offers, the agency immediately collects the amount of the orders and thus benefits from a comfortable cash flow. Pledg also takes care of the entire collection process in case of unpaid invoices.

Finally, by adapting perfectly to the tourism industry, payment solutions are integrated in such a way that there is no break in the purchase path. This helps the customer to make his purchase as a classic payment in a few clicks and gives even more value to the brand.

Why is Pledg an ideal solution for tour operators?

In addition to the benefits of financing travel expenses, Pledg is also a very practical solution because it is easy to implement. For e-commerce, in particular, it has many integration options. Depending on the airline's technical resources, the Pledg solution can be implemented in a matter of days.

The interaction processes with the customer have also been optimized for maximum fluidity and to allow the agent to differentiate himself by the quality of his service. For example, the acceptance of the customer's financing is done with the help of a scoring engine based on artificial intelligence, so it is fully automated.

In conclusion, offering payment solutions with Pledg holds many promises for travel professionals. In particular, these facilities offer customers a simple, innovative and financially satisfying customer experience, which helps to convince and retain them.

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