Increase your conversion rate: 5 keys for e-commerce

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Boost your conversion rate in e-commerce, it's the N°1 objective. Design, trust and easy payment make you irresistible by multiplying your sales!

70 % ! This is the rate of shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce. A visitor who is reassured by indicators such as intuitive navigation, a completely secure journey or the presence of payment facilities will be easier to convince. A few simple gestures are enough to guide them naturally towards the act of buying. Our advice.

The starting point: measuring the initial conversion rate

The conversion rate or transformation rate measures the results of a sales journey. Before making any major changes to your website, take stock of the initial conversions. You will have a reliable marketing indicator to evaluate the impact of future optimizations.

Before reaching the final button, users react differently depending on their progress on the website. You can evaluate the traffic losses at each key moment of the journey with a tool like Google Analytics. Comparison between products, volume of visits according to periods or purchase stages, each data can guide you towards strategies to adopt.

Change analysis: testing the impact of interventions

How do you know if a change has a positive impact? You propose two versions of a page to your visitors and measure the conversion on each. For example: a green button vs a blue button. This technique called A/B testing allows you to know in a quantified and objective way what your visitors prefer.

To guide the visitor to the site, you can experiment with different titles and descriptions of your pages on search engines. The same goes for the shopping area. Test pictograms, short texts or a simple word, take the time to evaluate the directions that leverages the most clicks.

Ergonomic study: taking care of the site design

The consumer is sensitive to reassuring parameters in terms of design and ergonomics. Merchant sites or marketplaces use universal codes that have proven their worth. From the colors to the position of the buttons and the wording of the call to action, every detail counts to optimize the user experience.

You can play with complementary colors to visualize a call to action button, guide your reader to the classic locations of price or cart data. Price between the product photo and the add to cart button, location of the shopping cart in the top right corner of the page, these standards increase conversion.

The confidence phase: propose a site that reassures

Your customer's support is earned with real proof. Test the navigation on the site: zero friction and natural fluidity objective. Your web store must be responsive, that is to say adapted to any type of support for reading the content: computer, tablet or smartphone. The speed of the loading time and the security of the site reinforce your reliability.

You must convince your customer that you are trustworthy: verified reviews or quality testimonials give credibility to your company's image. The same goes for return facilities and delivery costs. For the latter, their visibility at the beginning of the purchase process clarifies your policy from the start.

The ultimate stage: facilitating payment

This is THE stage where you need to be flawless. You can lose 35% of your customers at this stage! Your prospects are looking for a variety of payment methods. In addition to the classic credit card payment, add the possibility to pay with an online wallet.

Payment facilities are popular! They allow for payment in instalments and deferred payment through a partner intermediary. Payment in 3 or 4 instalments, deferred payment for 15 or 30 days, the formulas are numerous for your B2C or B2B customers. Transactions take place in complete security, while giving your buyer a big advantage.

By proposing our Pledg payment offer, you are sure to activate a shocking lever to increase your conversion rate on your website. Our customers' stats? +75% conversion rate in the sales tunnel, you'll love us!

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