Facilitating payment on an e-commerce site: Conversion effect

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Facilitating payment on an e-commerce site gives you every chance to finalize your sales. Captivate the 70% of buyers who abandon their shopping cart!  

How many e-commerce baskets are abandoned due to payment friction! Did you know that 59% of abandonments1 are related to the payment methods offered? It is important to offer the best possible user experience. To do this, there are 5 areas to work on for a merchant. Overview.

Trust: offering the most popular payment methods in e-commerce

Internet users are demanding: they want their preferred online payment method. Several solutions are available among the classic payment formulas such as bank card, mobile payment or transfer via an online wallet.

You want to make your customers addicts of your store? Offer innovative payment facilities. This is the case of Pay Laterthe principle of payment in 15 or 30 days. With the payment in 3 or 4 times, your customers appreciate being able to reduce the amount of the immediate purchase. You can even spread the payment from 4 to 12 times without contract. What else?

Speed: allow immediate payment

What could be more annoying than entering the same information on several different tabs? The keyword is simplification. A functional interface, a payment step without leaving the website, succinct information to fill in, these are the ingredients for your success. Unless there is an obvious reason, avoid asking for dates of birth or civility.

In terms of speed, Pledg solutions are unbeatable. With this white label payment system on your site, you gain the trust of your customers during the transaction.

Privacy: make it easy to create a client or guest account

Your customer is about to buy that great piece of equipment he's been dreaming about, but too bad! The site asks him to create a customer account, then sends him a confirmation e-mail to finally proceed to the purchase stage. Forget these outdated practices. The e-buyer is in a hurry and hates to leave personal data on any site.

Let them make their purchase on the internet without creating an account, in guest mode. Moreover, Google Shopping recommends it to its users.

With Pledg, the purchase is made with only a few basic data for a fractional or deferred payment: name, first name, postal and e-mail address, telephone. These elements allow us to score the file via our unique algorithm.

Fluidity: immediately display the order conditions

Choosing a product, validating the price and ending up with extra costs at the final stage, what a disappointment for your customer! Remain transparent with your buyers, announce from the online posting elements such as delivery terms and fees, as well as product return guarantees.

Avoid the prohibitive costs of repayment by credit. Opt for facilities such as deferred payment up to 60 days or payment in instalments from Pledg. Our service offer allows for payment at no or very low cost. Your customers will appreciate this advantage.

Security: guaranteeing the security of payment procedures

If there is one thing you need to reinforce more than anything else to gain the trust of your visitors, it's the security of the buying process. With HTTPS and SSL protocol, your customers' data is encrypted. Confidential information such as credit card or bank account numbers become inaccessible.

With the Pledg offer, no data is stored or shared. With a fully encrypted payment system, your customers benefit from trusted payment facilities.

Our payment solutions, widely requested by our partner customers, meet all the criteria that reassure your customers. Our payment methods are an integral part of your site. Buy now and pay later, pay in install ments in complete security, you will love Pledg! So will your customers.

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