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Analyse the creditworthiness of your clients with Score

Are you interested in the creditworthiness of your customers to adapt your sales processes? Use our credit scoring API to protect yourself against default risks.

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Score by Pledg

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Credit is an essential part of the modern economy, but it also carries risks. Companies that make loans need to be able to assess the creditworthiness of their customers. That's why we've developed our credit scoring engine, Score by Pledg, that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze users' banking transactions or context to predict the likelihood of default.

Payment risk control

Our credit decisioning engine has proven its relevance to minimize risk while maximizing volume.


Our scoring algorithms can analyze a multitude of data, allowing them to be relevant in any context.


Adaptability to the context
Immediate answer

Our credit scoring API returns an answer in less than half a second, without the need for customer intervention.


Why trust our 
credit scoring API?

For the needs of its activity, Pledg has developed a credit decisioning engine using the latest machine learning technologies.
Thanks to them, we obtain the lowest overdue rate on the market while guaranteeing acceptance rates above the standards.

Overdue rate and number of transactions as a function of the Score result (from 0 to 1000)

Overdue rate and number of transactions by Score
Our customers beta-test us and our credit scoring engine prove its relevance every day
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What data can Score process?

One API and two ways for you to benefit from our expertise: 

Banking history

Banking data

By providing us with a transaction history as returned by an open banking solution of the market, in accordance with the DSP2 regulation.

Background of the purchase

Contextual data

By transmitting us contextual data about a customer: the content of his basket, his purchase history, his contact details, his technical profile...

With Score, you gain access to a scoring model based on a state-of-the-art data analysis and machine learning technology, capable of processing several hundred data points to quickly and efficiently assess the risk of default.

Our algorithms adapt to all contexts and continuously learn from the data they analyze, in order to make an ever more accurate assessment of a client's borrowing capacity based on banking and contextual data.

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Free yourself from payment default and insolvency risks, trust our credit scoring engine
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Frequently asked questions

Why analyze default and insolvency risks?
How to estimate a client's ability to pay and repay?

The most common method for estimating a customer's borrowing, payment, and repayment capabilities and risk of default is through the use of credit scoring, an assessment of a borrower's risk of default based on his or her credit history which is used by lenders to determine the likelihood that a borrower will default on a loan.
Another method commonly used to assess a customer's payment and repayment capabilities is financial data analysis, which measures a customer's creditworthiness and debt load. This analysis can include information such as debt-to-income ratio, equity ratio, and total debt-to-income ratio.
Lenders can also rely on sophisticated scoring models that use so-called "alternative" data, such as online payment behavior, banking history, and purchasing habits, to better assess a borrower's ability to pay and risk of default.
It is important to note that estimating a customer's ability to pay and repay is not limited to a single method and that a combination of several methods can be used to provide a more complete and accurate assessment of a customer's ability to pay and repay. Finally, the analysis of a client's ability to pay and repay can be enhanced by using simulation models that test different scenarios, such as changes in interest rates or late payments, to better assess risks and potential impacts on loan repayment.

Our decisioning tools for your :
- Credit risk measurement
- Insolvency risk prediction
- Loan analysis
- Credit rating
- Default risk assessment
- Ability to pay and repay estimation
- Credit score
- Loan decision

How does our credit scoring tool, Score by Pledg, work?
How to protect yourself from the risk of non-payment without slowing down the sales process?