Adjusted payment: we adapt to your needs

With Pledg's adjusted payment, optimize your customers' buying experience without impacting your cash flow

The adjusted payment represents the set of payment facilities created specifically in order to adapt to your business. The idea is to adjust the terms and details of the deferred payment to the key characteristics of a transaction in your business. The result is a smoother sales process that translates into increased customer satisfaction.

3 main categories of payment facilities specially adapted for you

The three adjustment solutions most employed by a merchant at Pledg are:

● simple deferred payment on a fixed date of the month (fixed, but selectable), allowing the customer to ensure, for example, that he or she has the necessary funds before the transaction;
● payment deadlines adapting - in automatic validation - to a variable event in the omnichannel journey (product delivery or start of a service);
● as well as the sharing of the amount of an order among several payers.

Other solutions are still possible. Pledg will explore with you the distinctive transaction issues in your industry to make purchase financing a competitive advantage.

Dedicated payment facilities for better results

With Adjusted Payment, the merchant already enjoys the basic benefits of setting up a payment facility: he can instantly receive outpayments related to his sales and thus keep his cash flow at the same level as if he had made card transactions the traditional way.

However, the biggest improvement is on the commercial side. The conversion rate is higher due to the reduction of cart abandonment. The amount of the basket is itself likely to be higher thanks to the deferred spending for the customer. Finally, customer satisfaction plays a role in loyalty.

A tailored payment exeprience influences the quality of the customer relationship

The end customer perceives immediate benefits from the adjusted payment. Indeed, the payment path is less perceived as a constraint by the customer when the transaction is well integrated with his request. For example, when the payment takes place at the moment when he benefits from the product or service, it appears logical and the consumer does not have the impression that he has to pay the merchant in advance (who, on his side, is nevertheless immediately credited by Pledg with the amount of the order).

Sharing among several people who receive a bundled service is also something that is perceived as a service. In this case, the amount is divided into equal parts, the initiator of the order pays his share at the time of the transaction and the other payers receive a payment link to complete the balance. This is a convenient alternative to having one of the recipients do everything for the others. As a result, the user saves time and can thank the merchant.

How will Pledg help you provide your customers with payment facilities dedicated to your sales journey?

A first contact with Pledg will allow you to discuss your activity and your problem.

Pledg will accompany you by studying the market, the clientele and the merchant flows and then make a dedicated recommendation:
● type of payment facility;
● settings to be made;
● marketing device to support sales
● Etc.

Whatever the option chosen, the technical implementation is facilitated by the wide range of possibilities made available to technical teams (plugin, JavaScript activation, redirection, integration module in the main CMS). It also remains simple in financial terms. The merchant's usual payment process does not change and the payment flows remain the same. On the other hand, the responsibility and the management of the receivables are carried by Pledg.

To conclude, with Adjusted Payment you can achieve two goals at the same time. On the one hand, you offer a service that represents added value and benefits your image. On the other hand, you optimize both your cash flow and your turnover. It's a good way to keep the competition at bay.
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